Meredith Erickson


In 1958, George W. Norton, owner and President of WAVE Radio and TV in Louisville Kentucky, established and

incorporated the WAVE Foundation. After Mr. Norton's death in 1964, the WAVE Foundation was primarily operated by the Norton family. In 1981, the Norton's sold WAVE Radio and TV, and the Foundation was renamed the George W. Norton Foundation to honor its founder. Jane Morton Norton, widow of Mr. Norton, was named President of the foundation, and served in that position until her death in 1988. In 1991 the George W. Norton Foundation was again renamed the Norton Foundation in honor of both Mr. and Mrs. Norton.

Two of the Norton's grandchildren and one great grandchild now serve as the current directors of the Foundation. Since 1958, the Norton Foundation has granted millions of dollars to the Louisville community. Supporting the educational, emotional, and physical development of the children of the community has been, and continues to be, the Norton Foundation's source of motivation and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Norton Foundation, Inc. is to make grants designed to meet the needs of children and adolescents in Louisville, KY.

The Foundation supports experiential and holistic education that encourages their social, emotional, intellectual, physical and ethical development. The Foundation gives priority to programs that use the arts and agriculture to achieve this goal.

The Foundation also supports social services benefiting children and adolescents, which are protective and preventative in nature.

Civic projects in Louisville and Jefferson County, which enhance the lives of children and adolescents, are also considered.