Waldorf School

The Norton Foundation and the Waldorf School of Louisville have a long history. Not only because members of the third generation of the Norton family, Janey Newton and Robin Dulaney, founded the school, but also because Waldorf education embodies Norton Foundation values.

Waldorf education emphasizes a strong academic curriculum, with equal emphasis placed on a child’s healthy body and social/emotional skills. The arts are infused throughout the curriculum at the Waldorf School, allowing for a deeper connection to the subject matter, and encouraging creativity and movement to engage the whole body in learning. Nature, and man’s relationship to it, is also central to a Waldorf education, helping children understand our connection to the world and responsibility for it. A Waldorf education fundamentally engages in hands-on learning, allowing children to create, innovate, and develop personal relationships with each other and their teacher throughout their educational journey.

The Waldorf School of Louisville began in 1992, with its first class of 23 students in 1993. Today it serves over 130 students through the eighth grade. Janey lovingly says that the school “is like her baby”, one that had to learn how to walk and survive on its own. With a strong foundation of committed students, parents, and alumni, as well as a deep commitment to the benefits of a Waldorf education, the school today is thriving.

The Norton Foundation is pleased to be a strong community advocate for Waldorf education, and is a proud supporter of the Waldorf School of Louisville.